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Our Mission: To promote a healthy, active lifestyle and provide organized opportunities for physical fitness, wellness education, and psycho-social empowerment among Breast Cancer Survivors and their supporters through the sport of dragon boating.

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Awesome meeting for upcoming Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis at Grandview Public Market area! 6 of our 10 dragon boat relay team were there, pictured with Piper’s Angels Foundation Executive Director Travis Suit. We are also looking forward to having Kate Wentzel join us on the dragon boat Monday night! 😃💪Image attachment

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I cant wait to paddle with you all on wednesday

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I’ll be tilling hard to be at my best when we see each other again ❤️

Video image

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It was nice to see LD!

You did great out there!

Great to see you all!💜💗💜

Awesome practice today with Guest Coaches Andres Ibon and Mary Carrillo from Broward Fierce Fighters! 👍🏻💪Image attachmentImage attachment

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Andres Ibon is a great coach!! Glad to see this. 👍🏼

Lighthouse Dragons representing as breast cancer survivor models at Chico’s fashion show today 💜Image attachment

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Everyone looks fabulous!! ❤️

You girls are rockin’ it!

Another gorgeous evening! 💜Image attachment
Video image
Check out this cool sunset shot - and our drummer’s dragon wings! Photo credit Alexandra Davenport

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Great picture ❤️

Thank you! ❤

Thankful for our team sponsor #jupitermedicalcenter💜!
Chico’s Gardens Mall is one of our favorite supporters of our team and is hosting a fun in-store fashion show on Thursday, February 20, 4:00-6:00 p.m., with a 25 percent off sale and gift with purchase. The fashion show will feature three survivor models from Lighthouse Dragons - Lezlie Biro, Elizabeth Albertoli Becker, and Betsy Stanfill Burden - so come join us and support Chico’s! 💜😊
Please vote for Lighthouse Dragons! 💜 These are all worthy organizations, but we need your support! 😊

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Great pictures!
Photo Credit Lori Griffith of #Chasin’ a DreamImage attachment
Look for the dragon boat at Palm Beach PaddleFest tomorrow at Harbourside and come take a ride! You will be “bitten by the dragon”! 😃💪
Our Saturday morning practices are always something to look forward to. But when the weather defies the expected bleak forecast and the sun rises to a beautiful morning, it becomes even more magical to be on the water. 

After practice, we had our quarterly team meeting to discuss all the exciting activities ahead for the next few months. Look for us on the water and around town.

(photo credit Betsy Janik Zelinske)Image attachmentImage attachment

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Still feel blessed I was s le to meet you all. Sure miss that beach lifestyle of yours. Our season starts in few weeks, brrrr though

Thank you Jupiter Medical Center for hosting a wonderful high tea where we learned from a panel of experts who discussed many of the most important keys to wellness for women.

With Keynote Speaker Donna Pinelli, MD, we gathered information on how to improve your gynecologic and colon health, understand the role your genes play in cancer, learn the best strategies for detecting disease at its earliest stage and even preventing it!

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I always learn so much from these events, and today's panel discussion was great. Thank you Jupiter Medical Center for continue to educate our community on so many important topics!

What awesome information you learned today !

Four Warriors in Pink for Komen are members of Lighthouse Dragons!

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Congratulations everyone! It is such an honor to have you join our special tribe of Komen Pink Warriors!

Four Amazing Women !! ❤️❤️❤️

Congratulations Dragons! Amazing women all of them! 💗💗💗💗

Congratulations all!

Congratulations all. Welcome to the family. Live well 💕


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We want to welcome Liz and Sandy visiting from Vancouver on their first trip to Florida to watch their Canucks play the Panthers! Hope we can visit them sometime with the Fort Langley Canoe Club!

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Welcome Liz & Sandy!! 🤗

Image attachmentImage attachment

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Beautiful Photo's

What a great paddle tonight! We were so lucky to have Coach Derek Schrotter and Dr. Gina Di Primio with Paddle Sport Performance of Toronto back on the boat with us! We again learned a lot to make us better paddlers. Thank you so much, Derek and Gina! 😃💪👏Image attachmentImage attachment

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Thank you for having us again!! What a great group you have and we are so lucky to be able to share the water with!! I’ll be posting pictures on our Instagram account psppaddle Give it a follow and see the pictures !

Vote for our sponsor Jupiter Medical Center as Palm Beach County’s Best Hospital! 💜
Smooth glassy waters! 💜

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That is a lovely picture.

So glad to attend Broward Fierce Fighters Friends and Family Day - we love to support our sister paddlers! 💜 Looking forward to paddling with you all again soon! 😊👍🏻Image attachmentImage attachment

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Great to see LD today! Nice chilly morning

Lighthouse Dragons are looking forward to attending and participating in the New Zealand 2022 festival which will involve a selection of teams from the current 240 IBCPC member teams, from 30 countries across all continents. The festival is an international non-competitive participatory event for breast cancer survivor paddler teams who engage in Dragonboat activities as post breast cancer diagnosis rehabilitation.
We are still recruiting local breast cancer survivors to join us for this once in a lifetime experience; come join us at one of our practices and see what all the excitement is about!
What a great way to conclude our 2019 paddling year with our BCS sister Nadja from Portland (Oregon) Pink Phoenix steering for us! Thank you, Nadja-see you in New Zealand! 💜 👏👍🏻💪 And thank you, Alexandra Davenport, for the pictures! 😃Image attachment

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Thanks for the warm welcome! Love your team spirit. Enjoyed every bit of it this am.

Nadja McConville it was so awesome meeting you. I hope to see you again!

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays from Lighthouse Dragons! 🌲

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Merry Christmas ! Hope to join in January...Heading North for the Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to All! ❤

Happy holidays!

Beautiful ladies ❤️

Love this! ❤️

Great pic!

Such a cute pic

Have a great Christmas from all of Oxford Paddlers for Life 🎄🎅🌟

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Silver medal - BCS and gold medal - Sr. Mixed!

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Looks like a fabulous day! Well done! Congratulations!!

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4 months ago

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4 months ago

Today and everyday we want to honor and thank all our veterans for their service to our country.Image attachmentImage attachment

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Thank you to our Lighthouse Dragons veterans, Maria and Toby, and to all who served, for your service to our country!

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So proud of all of you! Way to go team💕💕

Awesome. 👌 you guys are amazing 👏👏👏

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You Can Do It Dragons💪🏼

Very exciting!

Good luck ladies 💕😘

Go for it!!!🐉❤🐉

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Beautiful!!!! Hope to be able to share the water with your great club soon!

What a beautiful paddling venue!


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awesome !!!!!!

Looks like FUN!

Very cool!

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I am amazed and wow'd by your commitment to this challenge!

Holy smokes! This commitment to support X4CF 2020 is totally awesome.

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What an awesome night!


Oh, what a night! 😃💪 Rockstar paddlers, all! 👍🏻Image attachment

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Our very own Lighthouse Dragons team member, Kelly Seitz, was Keynote speaker at this years 50 Shades of Pink Brunch. Great Job Kelly!Image attachmentImage attachment

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Timeline PhotosInktober/Pinktober Day-12 Dragon

“To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities “ Bruce Lee

Breast Cancer?...Enter the Dragon!
Dragon boating is the silver lining for many diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

As little as twenty years ago, breast cancer survivors were told not to do any strenuous exercise for fear of causing Lymphedema- an incurable swelling of the arm, brought about by surgeries and radiation.

A Canadian sports physiologist, Dr Don McKenzie questioned this logic, and designed an experiment which involved breast cancer survivors training and paddling in Dragon boats. His ground breaking study proved that repetitive, upper body exercise did not increase the risk of developing Lymphedema, and in fact the exercise had far more beneficial effects for breast cancer survivors. Lymph fluid was pumped away, muscles and bones were stronger. The women who participated became fitter and happier.

These very brave breast cancer survivors, defied the existing medical advice at the time and came out the other side changed women. They had enjoyed the activity, support and friendship of paddling together so much that they created the worlds first Breast Cancer survivors Dragon Boat team- “Abreast in A Boat. “

The fun, excitement and challenge of dragon boating for Breast Cancer survivors has now spread across the globe from Australia to Argentina, the Americas and Europe, to become a world wide phenomenon.

The pink paddlers race against Breast Cancer, will lead thousands to New Zealand in 2022 for the next International Breast Cancer Paddlers commission (IBCPC) participatory Dragon Boat Festival.

What if one opportunity could change your life? It can and it does.

#checkyourboobs #pinkoala #pinkoalaart #inktober #pinktober #inktober2019 #pinktober2019 #inkdrawing #inkartwork #pinkartwork #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #breastcancersurvivor #breastcanceradvovate #melbourneartist #melbourneart #melbourneillustrator #whimsicalart #cancersurvivor #breastcancersucks #artshare #originalart
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6 months ago

Join the fun Friday October 11th for Real Men Wear Pink. Event is free. 

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We will be there, bike & all pinked out.

Join us Saturday at Town of Jupiter Fall Fest! 😃 Stop by the Lighthouse Dragons table - Paddles Up! attachment

Timeline PhotosInktober/Pinktober Day 1- RING
The words “You have Breast Cancer” is the wake up call nobody wants to receive.
RING, RING, RING, RING- Those four little words will be ringing in your ears for a very long time. Factor in alarm bells ringing, hands wringing and white noise and you just want to stick your fingers in your ears and yell no more!!
But you can’t drown it out. The phone keeps ringing now. It becomes your frenemy- will it bring you good tidings or despair? Nerves are shot. You’re screening missed calls and avoiding answering machine messages at work from unknown phone numbers in the days following a blood test or scans. The day is spent fretting and trying to calm yourself as you wait to rush off to the fall-in-a-heap-privacy of your own home. Anxiety levels are through the roof!!
It’s times like this that a ring and a chat from a friendly face can be music to your ears.
Today is the first of October- the month which provides an opportunity to promote Breast Cancer awareness. Please ladies and Gentlemen #checkyourboobs. Become breast aware so you can notice changes, and detect anything unusual early. It could save your life
#pinkoala #pinkoalaart #inktober #pinktober #inktober2019 #pinktober2019 #inkdrawing #inkartwork #pinkartwork #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #breastcancersurvivor #breastcanceradvovate #melbourneartist #melbourneart #melbourneillustrator #whimsicalart #cancersurvivor #breastcancersucks #artshare #originalart #ring #phone
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6 months ago

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6 months ago

Thank you for photos, Betsy Janik! 👍🏻💜Image attachmentImage attachment

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Beautiful ladies ! Awesome 🦋

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It was an amazing day out in the water. I have not paddled with a bunch of newbies in a while. Their smiles, energy, and resilience is amazing! Thanks Coach!

Maria thanks for all the tips, your energy is contagious!!

You all rock ! ❤️ I’m still here for you lovely women ! ❤️

This was an aswesome experience!!

Wish I could have been there! Hope one day!

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Kickoff Breakfast 2020 Race for the Cure! Heidi Kirk, great job as Keynote Speaker! 💚

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Great job today Heidi!

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